Vehicle Services

we are providing vehicle services into two different sections:

Vehicle Leasing:

We are providing Vehicles HT and LT NTVs to our clients in all over Afghanistan with next‐day Delivery and regular maintenance services. Vehicles provided are as follows:
Toyota Land Cruiser (SUV), Toyota 4runner, Toyota Prado, Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tacoma, 303/404 Mercedes Benz Buses, Mazda trucks, JVC flatbed trucks, Fuel and Water tankers, Different type of trailers.

Why Choose FALCON EYES CO Vehicle services?

  • Our Vehicles are new and useable
  • Reliable prices
  • We provide many options for a request
  • We provide next‐day delivery
  • Immediate Service for unscheduled maintenance
  • Prompt action for urgent Calls
  • On‐time scheduled maintenance
  • Providing Afghanistan Government registered vehicles (Full licensed vehicles)
  • Company logoed vehicles for better identification
  • Provide other maintenance/repair as required by clients.

Vehicle / Generators Maintenance:

We provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for a vast number of our US‐Army Clients in all over Afghanistan, regardless of the Vehicle owned by FALCON EYES CO Company or any other.

Why Choose FALCON EYES CO for Your Vehicle /Generator Services?

  • We have well‐trained and experienced mechanics.
  • We guarantee the quality and work duration of spare parts used for irregular Maintenance
  • We are using certified lubricants meeting the International Standards
  • Performing freely primary inspection for irregular maintenance.
  • Our staff are familiar with US‐Army Bases Policy (Entering, Escorting, Badge, etc)
  • Our staff are well uniformed with company logo for better identification.
  • Our staff are professionally equipped with tools and instruments meeting the required criteria.
  • Mobile Workshop for urgent repairs.

How to request a quote?

For a regular Maintenance of Vehicles and /or Generators you can easily send us and email including all your requirements and recurring information required. Or request us to provide you a maintenance guide in accordance with Manufacturer Company and international standards with an estimate

For Irregular maintenance of your vehicles / Generators you can just request us for providing you a free inspection / checking, A technician will send by FALCON EYES CO Logistic after receiving request. Finding failure will report to the COR. (Sending a mechanic for inspection is free). An estimate will send to COR for repairing or replacing any spare parts.

Looking for a First-Class Services?

Falcon Eyes Provide Logistic, Construction, Fuel Supply and much more...