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FALCON EYES International is comprised of international professional personnel and exceutive team that is recognized across the globe as some of the top people in their fields. Since 2008, FALCON EYES INTERNATIONAL.’s bases of core service offerings and industry leading personnel have allowed THE COMPANY to experience tremendous growth and rapid expansion.  FALCON EYES is a international organization with its headquarter at Montreal QA, Canada and Its regional offices in Washington USA, Istanbul Turkey, Kabul, Dubai and Kuwait. 


Making a path in between local and international markets in the areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, Shipping and Transportation, Engineering, Construction, Consultation, Training and Education; designing and implementing turnkey projects offering clients a full range of products/services beyond their expectations.


Our aim is to act as an indispensable partner to our clients by helping them build and maximize sustainable competitive advantages. We do this by helping them get their products to market quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Falcon Eyes international directly contributes to the longer-term sustainability of Afghanistan through our corporate social responsibility policies. We have our own outreach programs to support and develop capacity within communities and support local initiatives. These include, • Funding and building of wells • Providing computers and internet to schools free of charge • Supporting local youth and education programs • Providing food, clothing and blankets to refugee camps • Supporting health awareness initiatives We believe Afghanistan can achieve and become a peaceful country through creation of legitimate employment opportunities on a large scale. Falcon Eyes places employee welfare at the top of its agenda ensuring families as well as individuals is looked after. Many of our national employees support large families and are often the only wage earner. In the event of an employee being incapacitated through work, Falcon Eyes ensures that all employee families are taken care off. Through its various branches, Falcon Eyes seeks to provide jobs right across Afghanistan and has worked on a number of developmental projects to improve the lives of Afghans. Through professional development, Falcon Eyes seeks to provide employees with continuous training to ensure they improve their future employment prospects.

A Message From Our CEO

Falcon Eyes International company is dedicated to developing customer, industry-oriented supply chain solution by keeping its ocean, airfreight forwarding and contract logistics services empowered, and delivering with the best quality and service we promise and as our customers expect. In order to balance cost-effectiveness and urgency for your routine shipments, FALCON EYES International Co provides a convenient structure of regular freight management services that includes all feasible routes, including air, sea, and road. Our goal is to expand and meet the rising demand on the market for global operations. In order to achieve our objective of being the "World's Leading Logistics Provider," we will strive to build a business that perfectly satisfies its clients while swiftly responding to and adapting to shifting social and economic circumstances. Through our business, we fervently and sincerely hope to contribute to the market's sustainable development.

Our Core Values

Falcon Eyes International strongly believes in the followings:


The company operates based on legislation, compliance obligations and other requirements and recognized operating prac tices of the logistics field. The company fulfils its contractual obligations.

Falconies are trustworthy – we take responsibility for their promises and actions and respect those surrounding them. Trust in our company is built by people sharing a common purpose and culture and basing their priorities on the needs of our clients and the business itself.


The goal of the company is to provide high-quality logistics solutions to ensure consistent satisfaction among and long-term cooperation with its customers and cooperation partners.

Falconies always aim to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of quality and quantity. They are precise and accurate in what they do and oriented towards the needs of their customers.


The goal of the company is the constant advancement of its services and service quality as well as the knowledge of the company. For this purpose, it has implemented a system for establishing and monitoring personnel development, service quality and environmental objectives to ensure on-going development and effectiveness.

Falconies know that the best results and most efficient solutions cannot be taken for granted. To reach these goals, we are active and analyses their respective areas of activity. we are oriented towards proposing new solutions to improve our operations.


Falcon Eyes Co is regardful and respectful towards the expectations of all interested parties. The company considers the possible influences of its actions on its surroundings and aims to prevent any needless contamination of the environment.

Falconies are helpful – you are always welcome to turn to them for any advice. Our daily goal is to ensure the satisfaction of both internal and external customers, meaning they aim to do our work on time and in the best possible manner to avoid disrupting the work of their colleagues, logistics partners and customers. Falconies consider the possible influences of their actions on their surroundings and aim to prevent any needless contamination of the environment.

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