The Company principal activity is providing services such as transportation by trucks, Low Bed, 20 Feet Container, 40 feet Container, Small and big freezer container, agent, handling and transportation of containers, real estate and lease of heavy equipment, a forestation, arrangement of marine transportation, automobile repair, transportation by special trucks.
We provide all kinds of transport and removal services; from door to door domestic and industrial moving services to ware house storage services. We have teams of experience staff to provide you with minimum inconvenience and time for busy people like you.

Area of Sales and the Target Market

FALCON EYES CO with its alliance with leading Multinational Conglomerates and Suppliers had developed and enhanced its experience and know-how to professional international standards making it capable of developing:

  • Most effective Distribution Plans and techniques.
  • Proper Classification of Points of Sales (POS) and POS mapping.
  • Comprehensive area coverage and supply of goods.
  • Proper routing and routine customers visits.
  • Fleet of well trained and experienced sales force with modern facilities, vehicles and sales aid supplies.
  • Direct retail and delivery.
  • Efficient marketing campaigns, tools and activities.
  • Merchandizing, shelving, product rotation and POS materials.
  • Proper and efficient media planning and execution.
  • Up-to date reporting systems for sales, stock, market situations and competition.
  • Customers’ satisfaction measures and customer feedback systems.
  • Continuous staff training.

Transportation and Shipping policy:

FALCON EYES CO knows getting your goods and materials to your clients in an efficient and timely manner as well as recovering your own shipment on time is of paramount importance.

Handling the transportation needs for the shipping and receiving of our clients good and materials is an important task which FALCON EYES CO undertakes with great pride, professionalism, attention to detail and a success oriented, single-mindedness of purpose. Whether through the use of its own personnel and equipment or by working with carefully selected partner companies FALCON EYES CO is your choice to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Looking for a First-Class Services?

Falcon Eyes Provide Logistic, Construction, Fuel Supply and much more...