Quality Control Plan

FALCON EYES CO Quality Control Manager reports to the Project Manager and is responsible for the implementation and management of the Quality Control Program for the Design and construction works. FALCON EYES CO Quality Control Inspectors, Laboratory and Field Technicians, or other personnel are assigned as determined by the specific requirements of the project Members of the engineering staff named as part of Quality Control organization for specific items of work.

FALCON EYES CO Quality Control Manager is responsible for the following:

  • To properly staff the Project with Quality Control personnel having the required competency and qualifications and to ensure that they have the necessary authority and decision-making capability.
  • To review the Project Specification and any changes there to.
  • To review procurement documents to ensure incorporation of Quality Control and Project Specification requirements.
  • Review design and shop drawings.
  • To perform inspection on construction activities
  • To prepare Quality Control Procedures
  • To establish the calibration, storage, issuance and testing requirements for measuring and test equipment
  • To control and document non-conforming items or conditions and to administer corrective actions
  • To control documentation necessary to substantiate the quality, of materials and workmanship
  • Review all submittals to insure compliance with the plans and specification.
  • Review the methods and procedures of work for the various sub-contractors to assure their understanding and compliance with plan and specifications of this contract.
  • Inspection of all material delivered to the job site, at time of receipt to assure their compliance with plans and specifications.

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