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We are full-service logistics services provider. We work with clients locally and internationally to support our domestic and international logistics needs via road, air, rail, and sea transport. We also offer services related to warehousing, customs, and purchasing.

Logistics and procurement capabilities:

FALCON EYES CO Provided Procurement for product, Equipment part and Accessories for all our regularly supported Services. FALCON EYES CO is capable of carrying your goods throughout Afghanistan in a timely manner. The equipment’s we have, had been changing us to the first in logistic services and procurement. Since FALCON EYES CO has been established it had been busy carrying different goods for different organizations (governmental and nongovernmental). Mostly we have been carrying our Product for US Government, ANA (Afghan national Army) and ANP (Afghan National Police). We have good security for carrying the goods safe. Our security team with the cooperation of ANA and ANP has been doing an outstanding job for the Projects awarded to us.
We are import or electrical Products from following company:


After the contract is signed the company will use its implementation plan in achieving and implementing the project. Secondly, the planning team assigns the tasks to its expert, professional, experienced and well-prepared team to star the project. Consequently, each responsible body will take care of his assigned takes for example, the related team or body will take care of his work properly and satisfactorily in providing safe, operable transpiration & logistic. In fact, all these responsible employers will be working together in order to coordinate the work successfully.
So, all these responsible personnel will take care of accident repairs which if caused by result of collision in spite of weather, as well as services of equipment will be accomplished when required and anticipatory maintenance or maintenance which is not schedule but is needed to cover any loss or damaged machinery in order to keep to the transpiration service & logistic safe, operational condition so as to deliver within the time frame agreed to in this contract.


Managing a fleet involves Planning and optimizing of transport rounds, routes, drivers, fuel etc. These logistical functions are scrutinized and carried over according to organizational needs. Any system trying to manage transportation needs to address its four key areas.

  1. Planning and decision making
  2. Transportation Execution
  3. Transport follow-up
  4. Measurement

Falcon Eyes Co’s fleet management system plans and defines the most efficient transport schemes according to given parameters and allows for the seamless execution of the transportation plan prior to delivery after booking of consignments. Having said this, it indeed covers all the above key areas and even more which includes,

  • Vehicle and Driver Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet hire and fleet lease management
  • Route and Trip Management
  • Wage worker Management
  • Payments, Debits & Credits Management
  • Fleet Reports Management


So the contemporary freight management system digitally manages all aspects of moving goods from point A to point B. If such are the questions that you ponder on in business, you need to get acquainted to the following Logistics Freight formula.

The flow oriented functionality of Logistics Mgt., drives out any information gap so that all the participants involved including the customer is informed about everything that’s happening, throughout. After carefully modeling, analyzing, envisaging and fully optimizing the unification of freight and transportation functions between the point of source and point of delivery, Logistics delivers the best features for freight management such as,



Before bidding for a Services project the managerial team is discussing about the project to be legal and clear. After confirmation of the leadership our proposal is sent to the client. When the project is awarded to our company, the following procedure is used for the completion of the project.

  1. The project is exactly introduced to the design team.
  2. The design team starts the design and orders the installing team for the requirements for the draft of the project.
  3. After the design is 35% completed the installation team is finishing related issues to the government.
  4. After the confirmation of the design from the government side the design team continues to finish the design and make it ready for submission.

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